Saturday, December 8, 2012

My Review of Encyclopedia of Electronic Components Volume 1

Okay, I've been doing engineering stuff for a few years now and I always go to the internet to find information about various parts as needed. It works well but sometimes it's a pain because all the information is scattered all over the place. If you want it all in a convenient place, look no further! This is just what you need. If you're looking for something to teach you and build on concepts, then you'll want to look elsewhere. This is more a reference book than something that will teach you how to integrate everything together.
To really understand the beauty of this book, you really need to have a background in electronics. This won't go much over the theory you want if you need to learn. You can get information from the book and it does a pretty good job explaining things in practical terms, which I find very welcoming, but it's not really a good place to learn about the theory of RC circuits, individual components and why they work the way they do, etc. I do find it useful for getting a quick look at how something works because you're bound to forget some details as time goes on.
I will say I didn't read through the entire thing, because it's not meant to be used that way, but I did go through and look at all the sections to see what kind of information is there and I would have to say it's definitely something to keep around the workshop.
Bravo to the authors in putting something very useful together. This will get used over and over again, especially when I start to teach my kids more about electronics as they get older.

Disclaimer: This book was received as part of the O'Reilly Blogger Review Program. All comments represent my thoughts and opinions.

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